Our technique for the Observance of Women’s Rights

Our technique for the Observance of Women’s Rights

About Karat

The Karat Coalition is a link which have performed activities for sex equality in the neighborhood, local, European and levels that are global constantly since 1997. Founded to combine and represent the vocals of non-governmental companies from Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, it develops and influences the design regarding the feminist motion and earnestly works well with females experiencing discrimination, in specific numerous discrimination. For more than fifteen years, the Karat Coalition has held the status of ECOSOC in the UN Social and Economic Council.


The objective associated with the Karat Coalition is always to work for the observance of women’s liberties and justice that is socio-economic the context of sex.

Regions of Activities

Presently our concern is really work in 2 areas:

  • Women’s liberties and
  • Socio-economic justice

In the part of “Women’s Rights“, we operate for the state’s compliance with worldwide obligations women’s rights that are regarding. We promote worldwide rights that are human instruments and state’s obligations pertaining to these legal rights. We utilize the potential of UN and conventions being european agreements to enhance the observance of women’s straight to equality.

Inside the area “Socio-Economic Justice and Gender”, we participate in combating intersectional / cross-cutting discrimination on the basis of sex and low status that is socio-economic. Our activities concentrate on groups of females discrimination that is experiencing the labour market as a result of, and others, the lower amount of training, gender stereotypes and associated with these the obstacles to accessing the vocations. Recently, we’ve been attempting to counteract discrimination that is cross-cutting the causes of sex, cultural and nationwide identification, faith and country of beginning.

Our History and Achievements

Our task was initiated following the World that is fourth UN on feamales in Beijing (1995). Because the establishment of Karat Coalition, we’ve been mixed up in governmental, financial and social procedures which can be essential for the problem of females into the Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia areas. Initially, we had been more energetic in the area, in the past few years we now have concentrated primarily on Poland.

Acting for women’s liberties, we used the reporting mechanisms on utilization of the commitments undertaken by their state. As an element of joint actions (1998-2000), the alternative that is national and a local report regarding the utilization of Beijing suggestions by the governments had been made. The reports had been presented during the UN forum plus in the national nations associated with the area. The UN Convention regarding the Elimination of All kinds of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and its particular Optional Protocol have grown to be our tools that are main a benefit women’s legal rights in both the spot (2008-2012) and Poland (2010-17). Into the countries regarding the area, we promoted the mechanisms regarding the CEDAW Convention’s Optional Protocol (OP CEDAW), that have been unknown and never utilized by businesses marketing women’s liberties in the nations of Eastern Europe and Central Asia (2008-2014). Our work contributed to your ratification associated with the Optional Protocol by the national federal federal government in Tajikistan as well as the utilization of the Optional Protocol’s system of publishing a grievance in Poland. Starting the Coalition for CEDAW in Poland, developing an alternative that is joint in the utilization of the meeting, in addition to advocacy that led to inclusion of all of our suggestions in the CEDAW Committee’s suggestions towards the Polish government (2014) had been the significant successes.

We pa >women; they certainly were a topic of y our research, analyses and studies.

Why Socio-Economic Justice in a context of Gender?

Financial change into the 90s contributed up to a deterioration that is significant of situation of females with low degree of training within the labour market. To an disproportionately greater degree than guys using the exact same training and categories of females with an increased degree of training, they certainly were impacted by jobless and “pushed out” of this labour market. An essential cause for handling the financial situation of females who “lost” in the introduction of a free of charge market economy ended up being also the truth that only some feminist businesses / teams addressed this matter in those days; it’s still not to popular into the movement that is feminist. Because the very very early 2000s, we’ve been performing research in Poland, analysing the phenomena of discrimination on the basis of sex and socio-economic status, and according to its outcomes, we now have completed numerous tasks, primarily advocacy ones. The motivation for the research ended up being, and others: trends within the labour market into the 90s – mass transfer of clothes industry manufacturing to your national nations of Eastern Europe (mainly ladies operate in this industry); the defence of the legal rights by ladies utilized in supermarkets; the requirement to monitor government’s programs for females that d >women into the labour market.

The past couple of years, we’ve been dynamically doing work in the world of supporting ladies refugees and migrants that are to locate job and security in EU countries.

Women and developing

In 2009-2012, we applied the “ Women and Development” program. We strived to make sure that policies and programs in the framework of beautiful asian females development cooperation regarding the brand brand new EU member states took under consideration sex equality problems and promoted the active involvement of females within the governmental, social and financial life of nations. We additionally struggled to obtain increasing understanding and understanding of civil culture businesses that really work within the section of development cooperation, regarding the gender aspect in development.

Your website is made aided by the support of this Stefan Batory Foundation beneath the “Democracy in Action”. Modification regarding the web site ended up being financed because of the populous City of Warsawas within the task regarding the Capital Center for help of Non-governmental companies.

KARAT COALITION ul. Walecznych 26/3 03-916 Warsaw, Poland

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