Homeowners Presentation to Mountain Community

Homeowners Presentation to Mountain Community

The families of the Lower North Fork Fire (the fire resulting from an escaped prescribed burn by the Colorado State Forest Service in March which burned 4300 acres, 23 homes and killed 3 innocent people) conducted a presentation for our wonderful community at Conifer High School on Monday Oct. 29, 6:30-8:30.

New information was shared that we now know that the LNFF was the 9th prescribed fire set in Lower North Fork in last 2 years that was part of an “Experiment”… Of the previous 8 fires set before our Fatal Fire in March… 5 of those Escaped.  With this kind of history how could they have set this fire?

“Operations conducted to evaluate fire behavior under weather conditions and in masticated and untreated fuels “ – Dan Beveridge (CSFS, FEMO)

Full Documentation here: http://www.leg.state.co.us/CLICS/CLICS2 … ttachG.pdf

The families have been asked so many times by the community, “What’s going on and how can we help?”  The LNFF survivors feel that it is important that the community hear the answers to these questions directly from them. They want the opportunity to tell you, our neighbors, firsthand what help they are getting, from whom, how they could still use help, and information about the Governor’s $1.3 million for forest recovery and reclamation.

The residents conducted their own detailed investigation into this fire using information from public record. They heard a homeowner’s presentation with disturbing factual details surrounding the LNFF from the start of the burn to the escape, the failure of the emergency notification system (911), and how the State has proceeded these past 7 months. This investigation report was presented to the LNFF Commission and no one has disputed its accuracy.

A very short window of time exists to influence pending legislation, which at this time continues the state’s undisciplined prescribed burn policy; your help is sorely needed to make your mountain communities safer.

Our communities’ kindness and generosity have sustained these families; they continue to need your help in preventing this from ever happening to you or your loved ones.

Presentation to our Mountain Community

Video of Meeting – Courtesy of 285 Bound

This is a video of the Public Information Presentation by the Kuehster Road Homeowners on the Lower North Fork Fire
October 29, 2012
~146 in attendance

Sam Lucas introduces Representative Cheri Gerou
@0:30 Cheri Gerou opening comments
@2:55 Sam Lucas
@9:00 Tom Scanlan – Intro & PowerPoint presentation
@21:00 previous prescribed burns in Lower North Fork area and outcomes
@32:53 Reaction Day of Escape
@37:00 What Caused This Tragedy
@41:31 Financial Impacts Beyond Insurance
@44:23 Commission Results – pending legislation *** explanations follow
Bill 6 – Extend Wildfire Mitigation Financial Incentives
Bill 7 – All-Hazards Resource Mobilization & Reimbursement
Bill 8 – Increase Colorado Immunity Act for Injury (killed in committee)
Bill 2 – Colorado Prescribed Burn Act (@47:20)
@50:00 – after Sept 1, 2013 must have Certified Burn Boss, until then, trainee acceptable
@52:00 “we encourage the evaluation of other means of mitigating fires
@53min cost of fire, right before that details of Bill 2 CO Prescribed Burn Act
$78,000 cost of doing prescribed burn.
$6.5 million to battle the fire
$16 million estimated to clean up properties
@54:37 Homeowners Recommendations for Prescribed Fire Controls
@1:00:00 What’s Happened since the Wildfire (video of Hickenlooper saying state should take responsibility)
@1:02:00 update on $1.3M – videos with Hickenlooper saying monetary assistance in real-time. 3 months to submit claims, now their restitution lumped in with insurance litigation
@1:02:50 How You Can Help Protect Yourselves and Help Us
@1:05:00 Beth Semptimphelter
@1:07:45 Jack, resident of Kuehster Rd – info on fire dispatch, Cheri Gerou added a few comments
@1:09:00 Commissioner Don Rosier – 911 System & Sheriff update

@1:17:00 Tom Scanlan wrap-up & Opening Up For Questions
Do you plan to meet with the governor?
Reiteration that the presentation is on their site and 285Bound, and to follow them on their other social media sites to stay up-to-date and please let more people know what’s going on
1:19:00 Representative of Student body – how can students help?
1:22:00 How was commission chosen? Cheri Gerou answered
1:23:35 Evergreen fire station burn building opposition wants to partner/help
1:25:30 Suggestion to organize an ongoing test of the 911 system
1:26:00 Do we have a list of the names of everyone on the commission?
1:27:00 Initial cost of burn versus other estimated cost of mitigating that was twice the cost. Expanded explanation of use for masticated fuels.
1:28:35 Is there a website where the public can look for scheduled location and date of prescribed burns? No. Cheri Gerou will look into
1:30:30 Comment to get all the facts about Evergreen burn building before taking sides
1:31:00 Beth Semptimphelter commented about change that local fire dept chief has final say
1:32:30 Bruce Ellis provided website and social media site info

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